A woman wears a pair of flattering jeans with flared bottoms.

Fun Fashion Trends That We Can’t Get Enough of This Year

Fashion is seeing the return of some incredibly fun and exciting trends this year and if you’re keen on experimenting and trying out these trends for yourself, we’ve got some great recommendations that you’ll enjoy trying.

Some of the most popular trends that you’re bound to see more this all through women’s clothing stores this year include the following:

Jeans are back with a bang

Did you think jeans were over for good and sweatpants were the only acceptable bottoms now? Think again because boy, are jeans back this season! These denim bottoms never went out of style, although we may have seen a lot of exciting variations among them. You’ll see lots of bell bottoms, mom jeans, straight jeans, flared bottoms, and various other styles, including the cooler younger sister of the skinny-jean trend. You can buy stylish jeans online here and get the trendiest pieces.

We’re in love with button-ups

Button-ups are the ultimate clothing item to add to your wardrobe this year. Not only are they in as regular shirts, but you’ll also see button-up dresses around quite a bit this year. We’re loving how chic, stylish, and sexy they look, giving you that cozy morning-after look and a corporate powerhouse look rolled into one. We’ve got lots of incredible designs for button-down shirts and affordable dresses online to offer you, including printed options, plain styles, and more.

A woman wears a flattering shirt dress with a belt.
Maxi dresses are hotter than ever

Speaking of dresses, another trend we’re loving this year is the return of the maxi dress. This style is no longer restricted to resorts and beach vacations or the red carpet. It’s something you’ll see all around, including at restaurants, on magazine covers, on vacation--you name it. Plus, it’s also a great style to wear during fall because you can layer it with cardigans, jackets, and sweaters for something cozier and warmer than usual. Plus, they flatter most body types and help everyone look taller and more elegant. We’ve got some great picks for you to check out, including this tie and dye maxi.

Puffy sleeves are so in this year

Hate wearing boring tops and blouses? Spruce up your wardrobe with some puffy sleeves. You can check out affordable and stylish women’s tops like this puffy-sleeved green shirt, or go for a puff-sleeved printed dress with a ruffled body that’s definitely a head-turner. Puffy sleeves are great for balancing out your proportions and giving you more of an oomph factor to any outfit, and you can wear them all you like because they’re one of the biggest trends this year.

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