A woman poses in a color blocked top and skirt.

Color Blocking Like a Pro: 4 Tips to Remember

Color blocking is one of the hottest trends this fall! While fun and amazing to look at, it can be tricky to style because it involves finding the right balance between being bold and experimental, and classy.

We’re sharing some of our favorite style tips and advice on how to color block outfits like a real pro, and make sure you look fabulous each time:

Don’t mix prints when color-blocking

While it’s absolutely possible to color block with prints, it’s also impractical and difficult to do it right because busy, bold, repetitive prints can break the illusion of color blocking. If you’re new to the trend and want to get a better feel for it, stick to solid colors and minimal prints for a more stylish look.

Stick to a palette of 2-3 colors at most

When you’re styling multiple clothing items and articles, limit yourself to a maximum of 3 colors to keep it from looking overwhelming or poorly thought-out. For instance, your tops, bottoms, and jackets can all be different colors, and other add-ons like scarves and shoes can be within the same color family, even if in a different shade.

A model poses in a stylish color blocked dress in pastels.
Opposites attract when color blocking

Color blocking doesn’t just mean you pick out random colors and stick them together; it does require some thought to ensure that the colors you choose complement each other. A simple tip is to pair items that are from the opposite ends of the color wheel, such as purple with yellow, or pink with green. Here’s a quick overview of how to use the color wheel when styling outfits and different looks.

But so do color families and tonal range

With that being said, however, tonal range and color families also make a difference when color blocking. Avoid pairing different saturations and tones with others, for instance neon with jewel tones or pastels, or pastels with earth tones and neutrals. While it may end up working out visually, more often than not it can be confusing, unappealing, and look random. This neutral, earth-toned color block set is the perfect instance of pulling this off well.

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